Aesthetic medicine

The desire of the aging population to keep their youthful appearance, or, for example, women simply wanting to get their body back after a pregnancy, has driven the development of a variety of methods:

  • Ultratone: body contouring
  • Mesotherapy: Microinjections to regenerate the skin, hair regeneration
  • Gynovera activ: Nourishment with natural hormones
  • HCG diet: for weight loss

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The patented UltrawaveSignal imitates the body’s bioelectric energies. Different pulses and frequencies are used to stimulate, shape and rejuvenate the area to be treated. The Ultrawave pulses are emitted automatically in the form of regular sequences of physiological rotations and penetrate the skin, connective tissue, fat and muscles, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. This enables a precise selection of all areas of the face and body for the desired optimal shaping, tightening and rejuvenating effect.

Ultratone can be used for the following conditions:

  • skin tightening: e.g. abdominal area following pregnancy
  • pelvic floor stimulation: for incontinence, irritable bladder
  • weight loss: e.g. saddlebags
  • relaxing muscles, pain management: e.g. back pain, shoulder pain,
  • lymphatic drainage: e.g. lipoedema, cellulite


Mesotherapy is an injection technique to administer skin-regenerating substances. It has proven successful in aesthetic medicine as it is used to directly administer low doses of substances without systemic side effects into the skin. Different injection techniques affect the pharmacodynamics and metabolisation of the substances used. The special microneedles further add a regenerative stimulus. However, the different, customised combinations of active ingredients are also important.

Mesoline slim

is a clinically tested alternative to liposuction. It removes local fat depots in areas such as the chin, stomach, thighs, buttocks and knees for an elegant, shapely figure.
The active ingredients melt away fat in the desired areas of the body.
Mesoline slim is minimally invasive and does not impact neighbouring organs and tissues.

Hair loss

Mesoline hair has a triple effect against hormonal, inherent and stress-related hair loss in women and men. Application:

  • stops hair loss as it prevents the damaging effects of testosterone on the roots of the hair
  • promotes blood circulation and hair follicle growth and thus there is demonstrably new hair growth
  • improves the hair’s quality with the body’s own proteins.

Whilst conventional agents either affect the hormone balance of the entire body or are merely topical, Mesoline hair is localised, under the scalp. It is easy and safe to use and provides significant success.


Mesolift is a fascinating new treatment method for more intense skin revitalisation and smoothing.

Microinjections of select ingredients are injected into areas to give skin a lasting glow.

Mesolift is a gentle procedure which has proven particularly successful for fine wrinkles on the face, neck, cleavage and the back of the hand. Natural, unlinked hyaluronic acid and a blend of select vitamins and antioxidants moisturise the skin and boost the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

Three to five treatments are administered 14 days apart, and each takes about 30 minutes.


Cellulite is a localised consolidation of connective tissue fibres combined with a venous-lymphatic drainage disorder. It manifests as the well-known, typical dimpled skin. Multiple microinjections of certain medication blends can help with this complex condition.

Gynovera activ

Nourishment with natural hormones

Effective for:

  • wrinkles
  • facial hair
  • hair loss
  • acne
  • cellulite

due to external application.

What does using natural hormones mean?

Hormones are substances produced by various glands and tissues. They control virtually all vital and metabolic processes in the body and determine the appearance of hair and skin.

We now have the technology to incorporate these natural hormones, identical to the ones produced by the body, in cream bases for external skin care.

How is a decline in hormone production evident in the skin

In addition to external factors, declining hormone levels are responsible for ageing skin.

More and more elastin and collagen fibres of the connective tissue are lost, regeneration slows, the skin loses elasticity and tone. In addition, the amount of water the skin can retain dwindles, resulting in dry skin, wrinkles becoming deeper and the facial contours slackening.

By applying a customised cream with low doses of bio-identical hormones it is possible to counteract this ageing process.

Is there also treatment for facial hair, acne, hair loss or cellulite?

Acne, certain types of hair loss and facial hair as well as cellulite are closely connected to the hormonal balance.

The respective ingredients, applied topically, are also highly effective here.

Why aren’t these natural hormones used in cosmetic products?

It is now clear that hormones are a key factor in skin ageing controlled by internal factors. However, natural hormones belong to the group of medical ingredients. Therefore, they can only be prescribed by a doctor and must not be used in the cosmetics industry.

HCG diet

The HCG diet was developed by Dr. Simeon over 40 years ago.
This is a well-tried, very successful and natural weight loss treatment. The daily intake of the HCG hormone, produced by the placenta, leaves the body feeling naturally full. This is achieved by putting the body into the same hormonal state as during a pregnancy, so it always wants to maintain the blood sugar level.

This boosts the metabolism and thus stimulates it to activate and melt away the storage and depot fats (diet-resistant fat stores), particularly in problem areas. Despite the large volume reduction (5-10 kg in 4 weeks) this method yields beautiful skin results without wrinkles and significantly improves cellulite.

Combined with HCG injections, this extremely low-calorie diet does not leave you feeling hungry and you maintain plenty of vigour and energy to manage your day.

After an initial consultation and medical examination you will receive a daily injection, except for on Sundays, for a period of 6-8 weeks.

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