Gynaecology covers a wide spectrum of different diseases, disorders or needs. We look at the person as a whole and strive to find the right solution for you from the latest conventional medicine as well as considering naturopathic treatments.

Bladder weakness, irritation, infections

Problems related to the bladder continue to be a taboo subject. Not here. Just ask us.


If you experience pain with the onset of your period e.g. in the lower abdomen, bladder problems, painful bowel movements, or pain during intercourse, it’s likely due to endometriosis, i.e. the uterine lining growing outside of the uterus. This can be caused by hormones, pollutants (e.g. lead, copper, cadmium, mercury) or immunological problems. Following thorough examination, we treat this multifactorial disease based on the symptoms and the extent of condition holistically, through hormone balancing, detoxification and stimulating the immune system or/ and through surgery.

Hormonal disorders

Over the course of our lives the endocrine glands where hormones are produced are exposed to numerous factors which diminish their function, lowering hormone secretion. Hormones dictate our everyday life by controlling cellular activity, releasing energy, keeping us young. A harmonious balance and proper assignment of tasks among the hormones are vital for the body to work correctly. A deficiency in one hormone will also affect how intensively other hormones need to work.
We now know that a decline in hormone production means a decline in health. This can cause a variety of symptoms.

Women primarily experience: weight gain, depression, PMS, fatigue, tension, sleep disorders, breast tenderness, breast cysts, irregular heavy bleeding, problems focusing, craving carbohydrates/sweets, libido disorders, mood swings, water retention, bloating, wrinkles, etc..

Men, on the other hand, typically experience: fatigue, depression, memory problems, indecisiveness, loss of body tension, loss of libido, general pain, thinning of the skin, etc.

Not everybody experiences symptoms; many aren’t aware that their illnesses could be caused by hormones. Investigating the causes using blood and saliva hormone tests can be helpful in order to start a personalised treatment plan with bioidentical hormones (“bioidentical” from identical, not similar to the hormones already in your body).


Acute and chronic infections of the vagina, bladder, lower abdomen or breast can reduce your quality of life long-term. Using a variety of treatment options such as mesotherapy, homoeopathy, ozone therapy or autovaccines, a solution can be found.

Pain in the breast and lower abdomen

These can be of an infectious, tumorous, hormonal, psychological or simply functional nature or caused by trauma, e.g. falling. Diagnostic confirmation gives assurance.


Painful intercourse, lack of libido, orgasmic dysfunction and vaginismus are common problems. We will find a solution.


The percentage share of malignant tumours in Germany is:

  • breast 29,3%
  • colon 16,4%
  • uterus 5,6%
  • ovaries 4,9%
  • bladder 4,1%
  • cervix 2,8%

There are guidelines for treating cancer. The pillars of treatment are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy. For findings with a good outlook, treatment according to the guidelines will typically suffice, as improved screenings typically detect cancer in its early stages. For findings with a poor outlook, i.e. rapid growth, early metastatic spread, weakened immune system, etc., remission will often only be brief, as cancer does not have a single but many causes:

  • genetics
  • psyche: through psycho-oncological treatment, patients learn to avoid emotional stress
  • hormones: particularly excess oestrogen, a lack of or resistance to progesterone, thyroid conditions or adrenal cortex insufficiency are important (partial) auses.
    Changing to a specific diet can help.
  • inflammation: chronic, lingering inflammatory processes in particular weaken the immune system. In this case, clearing the sources of infection and targeted symbiosis control is wise.
  • immune system: administering specific antioxidants after lymphocyte differentiation will help
  • toxins: the environmental toxins pesticides and heavy metals weaken the body

The causes are very diverse, and treatment must be tailored to the different needs.

We provide support during and after the cancer diagnosis and are here to help with words and deeds. We discuss results and treatment plans and support you and your immune system, in addition to treatment based on the guidelines, e.g. anti-hormone therapy, with a program of complementary therapies tailored to your specific needs:

  • mistletoe therapy: introduced in 1920 by Rudolf Steiner. Mistletoe extracts are injected under the skin in custom doses and intervals.
  • nutrition counselling
  • orthomolecular medicine: to optimally supply the body with vitamins and micronutrients
  • enzyme therapy: to alleviate the immune system by destroying the defence mechanism of cancer cells through hydrolytic enzymes
  • phytotherapy: to strengthen the organs, e.g. liver, kidney, lymphatic system
  • detox therapy: eliminating cancer-causing factors based on pollutant detection

Tumours, myomas, lumps in the ovaries or breasts

Even if lumps are benign, they can cause problems, e.g. infertility, pain, bleeding disorders. Following precise diagnosis incl. ultrasound, hormone levels and, if necessary, pollutant load (copper, lead, mercury, solvents, pesticides, etc.), a precisely-tailored treatment can help.

We offer the following additional elective services related to gynaecological conditions:

To investigate a variety of symptoms and therapy control under hormone therapy

Immune testing, vitamin and mineral levels, anti-ageing profiles, investigating infections, intestinal examination, etc.

To stimulate the immune system and boost detox functions

To stimulate the immune system and boost detox functions

Acupuncture is a healing method originating in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin at varying depths in different areas of the body. Stimulating these specially chosen, sensitive acupuncture points releases, activates or soothes blockages within the organism or the meridian system (paths through which energy flows) or individual organ systems.

This medicinal treatment is based on three basic principles: similarity rule, drug testing and potentiation. The specific medicinal therapies do not contain medication for symptoms, but medicinal products which can bring out symptoms similar to the patient’s condition (drug testing).

With mesotherapy, minimal blends of medications are injected at the site of the illness using microneedles. The custom substances therefore quickly reach their destination, where they have a lasting effect. The rest of the body remains unaffected by the treatment, eliminating side effects affecting the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. Mesotherapy is gentle and stimulates the body’s healing powers. Two to three sessions administered one to four weeks apart will often achieve lasting results.

The fees for the particular services are based on the medical fee schedule (GOÄ) and can be requested at the reception. For additional services please refer to the info binder at our office. We’re happy to advise you.

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