Autohaemotherapy is a stimulation therapy where drawn venous blood is re-injected, directly or prepared, into the muscles or skin.

Diseases are healed thanks to the natural healing processes in the body. At the beginning of the last century, doctors began to act on the assumption – which still holds true today – that weak stimuli ignite vital activity, moderate stimuli inhibit it, and strong ones cancel it out.

Autohaemotherapy is a weak stimulus. With this procedure, small amounts of blood are drawn from a vein. This blood is mixed with a special homoeopathic compound (= autosanguis therapy: AST). Like a vaccine, the compound is then injected into the muscles and thus activates your antibodies.
With AST by Koch, in the last stage of the treatment a small amount of autologous blood and the necessary homeopathic agent are also injected into the respective acupuncture point to further potentiate the positive effect.

By supporting the body’s own, natural immune system, this stimulates the immune response and the body finds the strength to heal.

Side effects are very rare. To ensure the procedure is safe, this principle only adds small amounts of blood. As with many stimulation therapies, the condition may worsen at first, a sign that the body is starting to respond. Occasionally, reddening at the injection site, elevated temperature, fatigue or a tendency to collapse may occur in patients with an unstable circulatory system.

This treatment typically requires 10 sessions (1-2 x per week).

When AST is used by Koch:

  • susceptibility to infection
  • allergies
  • skin disorders: acne, atopic eczema, furunculosis
  • detox: following chemo, radiation, antibiotics, surgeries
  • rheumatic illnesses: inflammatory joint diseases
  • chronic illnesses: asthma, colitis
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