Ozone Therapy

Ozone, a 3-atom oxygen compound. Ozone as a medication is produced from pure medical oxygen using modern equipment and always administered as an ozone/oxygen mixture by bypassing the airways.

It is administered internally and externally for a variety of diseases:

  • ·  circulatory disorders
  • ·  viral diseases
  • ·  fungal diseases
  • ·  infections, slow wound healing
  • ·  chronic infections: vaginal infections, bladder infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.
  • ·  liver diseases
  • ·  cancer
  • ·  revitalisation
  • burnout

How is ozone used?

Either as autohaemotherapy or externally as a gas supply from a closed system.

Which application method will be used and the frequency of treatment are dependent on the condition. Autohaemotherapies are typically used as a course of treatment: 8-10 treatments, one to two times a week.

When can ozone not be used?

  • untreated hyperthyroidism
  • haemophiliacs
  • fresh haemorrhages
  • glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency
  • during pregnancy
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