This medical treatment is based on three principles: the similarity rule, checking medications and potentiation. The customised medical treatment does not involve medications targeted at specific symptoms, but medications which can bring out symptoms similar to the patient’s symptoms (drug testing).

Homoeopathy is a healing method based on a “like cures like” principle which has been taught since the 18th century.

The founding father, S. Hahnemann, determined that a substance which can elicit certain symptoms in healthy people can also cure these symptoms in people afflicted by them. However, since the response to taking the substances “regularly” was much too strong, he started to potentiate the remedies. A unique method of dilution and trituration or succussion resulted in the homeopathic remedy. Taking this agent does not actually transmit the substance itself, e.g. plants or minerals, but the specific information. It can be compared to a letter: it’s not the paper or the ink that are important, but the information we obtain from reading the letter. Our body receives the information it is missing in order to get well.

Homoeopathy is suitable for any illness.

The duration of therapy is typically determined by the duration of the illness.

This is a treatment method with virtually no side-effects. However, symptoms may initially worsen, indicating that the body’s immune system is being stimulated.

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