Preventive Care

Modern preventive care: more assurance – fewer worries

Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Do you keep fit, take care of yourself and watch your diet? Modern medicine is an important component in your well-being and your health. With routine check-ups using cutting-edge procedures you can rest assured you are doing the best for your body and your health. After all, the sooner a disease is detected, the better the outlook. Current legislature allows for a number of preventive check-ups. These measures are important and you should certainly have these recommended check-ups:

From 20 years of age

  • blood pressure
  • skin inspection
  • inspection and palpation of the lower abdomen
  • cervical screening test (pap smear)

From 30 years of age

  • additional palpation of both breasts and the armpits

From 45 years of age

  • additional palpation of the rectum

From 50 years of age

  • additional stool sample to test for blood
  • mammography screening every 2 years

From 55 years of age

  • colonoscopy every 10 years or stool sample to test for blood every 2 years

We can also provide additional services so you can rest assured.

To protect your health, at our gynaecological clinic we offer a number of services to make your preventive care even more comprehensive:

  • HPV screening (cervix)
  • monolayer test screening (cervix)
  • monolayer test screening (cervix)
  • ultrasound of the mammary glands
  • modern tests to screen for colon cancer
  • highly sensitive tests to screen for bladder cancer

Modern preventive care for added quality of life

  • optimal addition to the statutory check-ups
  • tailored to your needs
  • tailored to your needs
  • tailored to your needs

Just ask us. We will gladly advise you and choose your personal preventive care plan together with you.

Additional preventive care testing:

STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases and includes a number of communicable diseases primarily transmitted by sexual intercourse. Among others, these include syphilis (lues) and gonorrhoea (clap), chlamydia infections as well as HIV (AIDS), hepatitis B and C, and HPV. Many STDs have a variety of symptoms which are often non-characteristic. An infection can occur unnoticed, particularly since a person can also be infectious if the disease is not fully developed. Not all STDs can be cured. However, many can be cured in the early stages, or at the very least consistent treatment can be very effective. And once aware of the condition, infecting others can be prevented. Early diagnosis is therefore always wise.

To examine hair loss, osteoporosis, renal insufficiency, heart attack, vitamin and mineral levels, metabolic panel, neurostress, anti-ageing panel, etc.

To accurately treat hormone disorders: e.g. premenstrual syndrome, menopause, fatigue, depression

The intestines are considered the cradle of the immune system. Any imbalance therefore also affects the intestines. Microbiological stool testing is therefore wise for chronic infections, digestive disorders and allergies.

A full check of the immune system can provide information about the condition of your immune system as well as any strain and potential illnesses (cell-mediated immune response, immune relevant vital substances, tumour-killing test)

Detecting cancer early is vital at any age!

The fees for the particular services are based on the medical fee schedule (GOÄ) and can be requested at the reception. For additional services please refer to the info binder at our office.

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